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The DesRosiers Consulting Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.

Industry Studies

Understanding the market and developing a strategic approach for your company is an area where DAC has a significant amount of experience. The knowledge and expertise that our consultants bring to the research process provides our firm with the unique ability to provide value-added analysis for our clients.

    Some specific areas include:
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Strategic Growth Studies
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Competitive Positioning Studies

Corporate Strategy and Business Plan Development

Since 1985, DAC has assisted clients in exploring market opportunities and developing strategic approaches that reflect not only current conditions but also future competitive realities. These studies have been undertaken for a wide variety of companies including parts manufacturers, vehicle assemblers, warehouse distributors, automotive retailers, financial institutions and others involved in the automotive sector.

Management Briefings

Stay up to date with the most current events in the automotive sector and explore what they mean for your business. DAC's half day and full day briefings provide your management team with the information and insight you need.

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