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Consumer Market Research Group

Light Vehicle Study (LVS)

The DesRosiers Light Vehicle Study (LVS) is an annual consumer survey that offers the most complete look available at the vehicle maintenance, ownership, and acquisition practices of Canadians. The LVS examines what people are having done on their vehicles and how they are doing it. The survey also tracks the changing vehicle ownership, acquisition, and financing patterns of Canadians, along with their future intentions.

The LVS is actually two different surveys: One of vehicle maintenance and the other for vehicle acquisition. For each survey, 2,500 randomly selected Canadians are interviewed by phone. Results from the LVS are sold on a per-question basis. In other words, you only pay for the information you need. We also offer clients the opportunity to include customized questions tailored to their specific requirements. Each client receives a complete set of data tables and a comprehensive written analysis.

Please click on the links for more information on the LVS and to view sample reports. To see the questions covered in the LVS, or for other inquiries, please call.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) - The "Voice of the Customer"

CSI research is an effective tool to quantify and monitor changes in satisfaction scores for the sponsor product and all major competitive brands. DesRosiers has developed a customer satisfaction research methodology that goes beyond the conventional approach. Our methodology allows a wide variety of automotive players to define the factors that lead to satisfaction and develop feedback loops to address these needs.

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