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DesRosiers Automotive Reports (DAR)
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To move ahead in the automotive world one must stay informed with everything surrounding this industry. The DesRosiers Automotive Reports (DAR) do just that by keeping you in tune with valuable statistics, analysis and commentary, as well as providing insight into where the industry is going. Here are a few items that you will find in DesRosiers Automotive Reports:

  • Canadian and US model sales
  • Industry analysis and "Observations" by industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers
  • Canadian Sales Segment Analysis
  • Canadian sales by Region
  • Canadian sales Forecast
  • Canadian & US Vehicle Production (also production by platform)
  • Mexican Sales & Production Information
  • Canadian Vehicles in Operation Census (CVIOC)
  • Automotive trade, industry shipments and employment
  • Canadian Used Vehicle Summary
  • New Car Dealer Parts, Service by Region and Sales per Dealer
  • Scrappage Rates
  • Light Vehicle Residual Value Summary
  • Access to DesRosiers e-newsletter, AutoWatch (available exclusively to subscribers of the DesRosiers Automotive Reports)

Your 24-issue subscription to the semi-monthly DesRosiers Automotive Reports includes the most recent edition of the hardcover DesRosiers Automotive Yearbook. If you are interested in subscribing please call/email us at (905) 881-0400 or

DesRosiers Automotive Reports, keeping you in touch with everything you need to know about the automotive industry. Special rates are available for subsequent subscriptions. Call today for details.

New subscriptions include the 2016 DesRosiers Automotive Yearbooks. Please fill out the electronic form below and mail a cheque for the total amount payable to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. 80 Fulton Way Suite 101, Richmond Hill, Ontario. L4B 1J5. If you prefer to print the order form and mail it with your cheque click here.

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