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Documents and Reports

Observations by Dennis DesRosiers


Observations 2015

  1. Luxury Vehicle Review for 2014 (Jan)
  2. Issues in the Canadian Automotive Lending Market (Feb)
  3. What's in a Name? Vehicle Segmentation in Canada (Mar)
  4. Vehicle Survivor Rates (Apr)
  5. Climate change and the Automotive Sector (May)
  6. Climate Change and the Automotive Sector – Part Two (Jun)
  7. Climate Change and our Automotive Factories (Jul)
  8. The Luxury Market in Canada – Rapid Growth in a Narrow Range (Aug)
  9. A Policy Framework for Climate Change and the Automotive Sector (Sep)

Observations 2014

  1. Records, Records and Even More Records (Jan)
  2. Upside Ahead for New Vehicle Dealers for Perhaps the Next Ten Years (Feb)
  3. A Civil War of a Different Ilk - Part II (Mar)
  4. Canada IS Different than the U.S. (Apr)
  5. Tale of Two Industries - Part One (May)
  6. A Tale of Two Industries - Part Two (Jun)
  7. Pent-Up Demand (Jul)
  8. In Focus - The Meteoric Rise of the Compact Utility Segment (Aug)
  9. The Case for a Healthy Market (Sep)
  10. Vehicle Density and Auto Sales Outlook (Oct)
  11. Forty-Five Years and Counting (Nov)
  12. The Impact of Lower Crude Oil Prices on Light Vehicle Sales in Canada (Dec)

Observations 2013

  1. Maintsream Platform Trends (Jan)
  2. Notes on Car Dealer Metrics (Feb)
  3. Differences in Provincial Vehicle Markets (Mar)
  4. The Case for Auto Autonomy (Apr)
  5. The Canaries are Chirping (May)
  6. Why the Canaries are Chirping (Jun)
  7. Residual Values in the Canadian Used Vehicle Market (Jul)
  8. Musings on Vehicle Sales this Year (Aug)
  9. Divergent Vehicle Ownership Trends in Canada adn the U.S. (Sept)
  10. A Zero-Sum Game, Recent Changes in Market Share in Canada (Oct)
  11. Canada EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Nov)
  12. Dealership Economics (Dec)

Observations 2012

  1. Happy Days are here Again - Detroit Auto Show Review (Jan)
  2. On Being Social (Feb)
  3. The Importance of Vehicle Mix to Market Share of any OEM (Mar)
  4. A Culture of Deceit - The Challenges Faced by Canada's Used Vehicle Sector (Apr)
  5. The Double-Edged Sword of Higher Gas Prices (May)
  6. A Different Kind of Civil War (Jun)
  7. New Vehicle Sales in 2012 - Halfway Review (Jul)
  8. On the State of the Canadian Vehicle Parc (Aug)
  9. Ken Lewenza has the Worst Job in Canada (Sept)
  10. North American Outlook (Oct)
  11. Canadian Aftermarket Review (Nov)
  12. How'd We Do? Our Predictions Revisisted (Dec)

Observations 2011

  1. Hope and Change
  2. Why are we still talking about Crossovers?
  3. Platform Ages: Five Questions
  4. Product Lifecycles - "All New" Models 2000 to 2011
  5. "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" and Other Lessons Read Between the Numbers
  6. Residual Values of Vehicles in the Used Vehicle Marketplace
  7. Fuel Folly: How and Why the 2016 Vehicle Efficiency Standards are Likely to Fail

Observations 2010

  1. The 2010 North American International Auto Show
  2. The Luxury Vehicle Market in Canada
  3. The Law of Unintended Consequences
  4. Diving Deep on Detroit's Deep Dive - Part I
  5. Diving Deep on Detroit's Deep Dive - Part II
  6. In Defence of the Automobile
  7. What's Behind this Auto Sector Crisis?
  8. Will Canada Shift to European Values?
  9. Regulatory Over-Burden
  10. The Problem with Plug-Ins
  11. A Window of Opportunity
  12. Twenty-Five Years of Vehicle Longevity

Observations 2009

  1. The Luxury Vehicle Market in Canada
  2. Segment Fragmentation and Niche Proliferation
  3. The Nightmare Scenario
  4. D-Day Plus One
  5. The How vs. The Why
  6. New Vehicle Fianance Trends
  7. Uncharted Waters
  8. The Unified Theory of Everything
  9. The Used Vehicle Sector: A New Paradigm
  10. Supplier Survival
  11. Free Agents
  12. The Quest for Differentiation



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